29.7.: English summary of the first days at the camp

The war starts here camp is a peace and anti-military autonomous camp happening in eastern Germany close to the GÜZ, which is one of the last military training bases German and Nato soldiers are send to before they actually go on the field.

4th day since the beginnning of the camp, So far we are about 40 people.

We have a working kitchen, a Volxküche with more than enough people to work it. 4 tents for workshops, a bar and an info tent. Internet access, showers and dry toilets facilities have been installed. Sound systems for the music and a projector to view films and documents. Basicaly everything we need, and we can host a hundred people easily. Then thousands if necessary !

The start of the workshops has been delayed by one day because of the weather, very strong winds and rains stopped us in the building of the tents.

So far we had 4 workshops and the 5th is ongoing as we write.

A reading of extracts for the book « Work » by the exworkers collective Crimethinc and debates. A projection of the film « Out of Society » along with a description of the recent events taking place in Hamburg, the brutal attempt at eviction of the squatted part of the koze by the police. And a workshop about the weapon industry and linked thematics.

« In Germany a silent militarisation of society is running, and the weapon lobbies don´t have a big problem to export their products. The political leaders legitimate exports of weapons and whole production technologies to all NATO members even in countries with political problems, such as Mexico, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. The law about weapon exports in germany is so unclear that there is no problem for the countries where the weapons are sold to to resell them to other countries that the german goverment wouldn´t normally allow. »

In the workshop they adressed the questions of the weapon market and production, the weapon legal regulation and the connections between the army, the political class and the industry.

Tomorrow we expect more than a hundred people to join us for the night from the biketour « Tour de Natur ». And our action day is going to happen on Saturday.

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