Abolish Conscription – Now! Show your solidarity with the total refuser Jan-Patrick!

The German federal armed forces will draft Jan-Patrick on the first of October. He should go to the air force instruction regiment in Strausberg (near Berlin). He will enter the barracks voluntarily but he will refuse any command. We expect, that he will be arrested immediately. First of all just for a few days, after one day of interruption it is likely that he is sentenced to federal armed forces internal maximum penalty of 21 days- in the worst case a couple of times.
To be arrested in the German army means 23 hours a day in a solitary cell, once a week one hour visiting time and -if you are lucky- boundless access to your post.

Total refusement

total refusement is a radical refusal of militarism, constructed borders and nations. It is the forceful rejection of being a part of the military apparatus. It is the denial of a way of life, which is forced by authorities. It is a strong protest against global wars, exploitation and the phenomenon of exclusion, and the profits that are gained by Europe and at least Germany trough cheap products of sweatshops and weapon exports.
With this step Jan-Patrick defends his right of a self-determined life… but it is even a step into the jail.

German federal armed forces

there occurred a change in the federal armed forces the past few years. It is involved in in global sorties of „humanity”, “democracy” and “peace”.
The formation of the KSK(special-forces) in 1996 changed the “defend-army” into an aggressive army. The fact that the KSK and its commander see the KSK in tradition of the Wermacht does not concern anybody and shows that federal armed forces does not dispute with the cruel crimes of WW2.
Wars that are directed by nations never on behalf of peace, humanity or freedom. War is an element of aggressive policy used by nations to gain in power and influence.
War is crime and soldiers are murderer!

As a matter of fact the federal armed forces aren‘t “just” involved in worldwide wars- it militarize the society. The discussion about missions against big demonstrations, which occurred while G8-demonstrations 2007 in Heiligendamm without legitimation of law is just the peak of this process. You can also find recruiting-events in employment centers, information-tables in some cities(and even in front of schools) and propaganda-events with the Big Band of the federal armed forces.
That is how the federal armed forces gain acceptance. Acceptance for global wars, hierarchies, male societies and inhuman ideology.
A militarized society defined by fear and hate, order and obedience and constructed borders, where people behind those borders are enemies and mischiefs, is the dystopia we are going to prevent.
There are still thousands of reasons to dislike the army and militarism, but the bounds of this paper would break.

It is not just the point of totally rejection towards the army. It is about not to accept the capitalistic normality because this means war, poverty and oppression- worldwide and anytime.
Rejecting those structures, that keeps the world turning as it is, begins by every single one of us. In this fight for a free and self-determined life we often collide with authorities, this time it is the army.
Here starts our resistance!

Civilian service

so called civilian service is an alternative to service on arms. In case of war, former civilian servants have to make sure that “civil defending” is working. That means to keep the war-apparatus working. With sight on modern warfare, in which the number of soldiers looses significance, this is an important assignment.
As a matter of fact civilian service is a part of warfare.
Civilian service is just an instrument to keep active anti-militarists calm, with showing an “alternative”.
Another effect is that civil service is an important part of Carita and elderly care, this causes that abolishing compulsory military service is constricted.
But the abolishment of military service is not the solution! We demand abolition of the German federal armed forces and any other army!
There is no alternative for anybody whom defines him-herself as (radical) left wing, anti militaristic or emancipator y than total refusement.


Jan-Patrick’s total refusement affects all of us. if there is somebody sentenced to jail because of his ideas and his need of a self defined life, we should show our solidarity.
Total refusement isn‘t very popular. The biggest reason might be the consequences. Aside from arrest there is going to come a military proceeding.
Jan-Patrick needs our support seriously.

Do actions, showcase this refusement and collect money. don‘t let Jan-Patrick stay on his own! Write letters and send packets.

Visit totalverweigerung.blogsport.de for news, contact and bank data.
Or sign up on newsletter with sending an e-mail to totalverweigerung|@|riseup.net

Jan-Patrick’s address while his is under arrest in Strausberg:

Jan-Patrick Ehlert
Barnim-Kaserne, 18. Kompanie Luftwaffenausbildungsregiment
Umgehungsstrasse 1
15344 Strausberg

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